Nishchal Kesarwani
(Founder & Director)

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He lives in the world of extraordinary ideas, idealism, inspiration, simplicity, a bicycle, a backpack, some yoga and lots of action. He questions, inspires and teaches us to be who we are becoming on this journey together. He does this in his well informed, imaginative, idealistic, bold and democratic style of leadership, unique only to him.

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To know more about why he founded Preseed, you may have to dig in a bit on his journey since he dropped out of Delhi University in 2007 to build his first startup in 2009 after having raised Rs. 44 Lakhs ($100,000 approx.). His, his facebook, his instagram and his medium posts will tell you a little more about who he is and hence, the answer to why is Preseed being built.
The answer in brief: He had a lot of ideas through out his post college days and he wanted to give them all some shape but not without creating and collaborating with scores of talented and inspired people on the way. These people would be the entrepreneurs for the future, hoping they all be his team members of some sort. So that with these people he could build upon his ideas and continue to live in whims.
The life of living in whims, art, knowledge and simplicity is what Preseed is intended to be about. It is the manifestion of what his close to ideal personal world of engagements look like. He hopes that you find harmony in it just like we do.
Rajeev Ranjan
(Head of Yoga)


You must be someone who understands what goes into running a hippie company like ours. You must have had built something that inspires our awe. Read More
So far, we are doing a mighty good job at keeping ourselves bootstrapped but if investment meant having a brilliant human becoming our guiding force, we may accept some of your money and a lot of your advice.
To apply for above get in touch with

Col Venudhar Singh
Col Venudhar Singh (Veteran)

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Also have a know more under his name and in that write - Nishchal and Colonel have known each other for 30 years. Nishchal’s mother and Colonel studied together. They have remained friends for 5 decades. Colonel brings the values of a smiling army man who knows how to solve problems with knowledge, softwares, muscle or music, all in the same breath.

Bharat Mittal
Mr. Bharat Mittal
(Financial / Legal Advisor)

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He is a Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants, associate member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India and Life member of Indian Institute of Public Administration,India. He enjoys experience of over 28 years in corporate executory and advisory assignments working for and with Indian Industrial doyens, Law Firms, Industry representative bodies (ASSOCHAM) and JV Companies (with foreign companies) operating in India. Fields of his advisory practice include fiscal planning (direct and indirect taxes), conducting financial & legal diligence, handling capital market related assignments, representing clients in front of Regulators (SEBI, RBI etc.) in Adjudicatory proceedings, ensuring regulatory compliance in projects, appraisals of investment / funding proposals, negotiation and documentation for investments, post-investment monitoring on behalf of the investors, acting as declared Arbitrator in Agreements of funding/ commercial associations. His clients are from a variety of industry segments: aviation, tourism, hospitality, real estate & infrastructure, members of NSE/BSE, IT & ITES, Textile & Garments, Medical, Trading, Financial product distribution & Wealth Management and NBFCs. - He is very closely associated with resourceful national and international investors investing in / lending to Indian project companies as financial investors with flexibility of investing in start-ups to grown-up projects to post-IPO preferential allotment stage. His contemporary assignments include (a) advising and being part of an International Medical Project in India, (b) advising and being part of an Indian Sponsor in setting up a Rs. 100 crores Indian VC Fund for providing various funding options to the VC Undertakings, and (c) advising and being part of an NBFC in India operating a flexible Investment set-up. He is also associated with various reputed Management Consulting entities / Chartered Accountants in India (Mumbai and Delhi) for handling senior level assignments on critical matters for their clients. He has also been part of various family settlements of industrial groups. He enjoys remaining academically active by sharing his exposure with serious students of Professional Management Courses and handling sessions on Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Management Accounting & Costing, Security Laws, Merchant Banking - regulatory and commercial aspects, VC Funding etc.

Shantanu Sharma
{Resident Hacker}
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