This is our (COUNTER)CULTURE where people BUILD before they learn, earn or burn

Refer anybody you think who moves like us.

We are not flawless. If you find flaws in us, please don't let that influence you more than our motivation to build this odd chaotic company into greatness.

NOROM - No Reasoning, Only Milestones. This is our mantra for you. Practice this.

Nishchal Kesarwani
(Founder & Director)

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Nishchal is described on and edit. Read about him from there, unless you already feel him through the words written through his vibe across and related websites.

Highlight (2013): Preseed for Preseed Web Lab

After I failed in building my first consumer web product in 2010 with a near $100,000 in investment. I decided to be that guy who the whimsical hackers and designers were willing to lend their ears and skills to, regardless of the compensation I was going to pay them, for now there was going to be no money, but yet the same journey filled with ideas, conviction and inspiration. For I always had ideas, conviction and inspiration (right from my college days) that if coupled with the skills of hackers and designers can translate into very meaningful web products of great value to the users.

To be that guy I had to be Preseed Web Lab, and for Preseed Web Lab to exist, there had to be Preseed .

So after 1 year of starting Preseed in 2012. I am finally at a place —

  1. Where I have been able to attract a hand full of hand picked hackers and designers I have now started to develop upon some cool app ideas with at Preseed Web Lab with a substantial share of the products with Preseed.
  2. While every other secondary aspects of Preseed vis a vis Preseed Ecell, Preseed Anything Lab etc. is now handled by a bunch of other people who are inspired enough to build the culture of Preseed with or with out me. Hence, all I got to do with them is show them the path forward and guide them through a little each day. Which leaves me enough time to put a near 8 hours in a day into Preseed Web Lab, the primary aspect of Preseed.
  3. Where I have men who keep sharing with us the new age web tools, articles, products my team seeks to know about.
  4. Where I can continue to live liberally as an artist and so can my team.

  5. Note-: Our market is not the users of the end products we are making. Our market is the counter cultured hackers, hustlers and designers we want to build stuff with. As long as we get 30 such hackers and hustlers registered with Preseed Web Lab in the next 2 years , we are good.

    Out of 30 such hackers, hustlers and designers we identify, we believe atleast one team of 3 would have us build one great product.

Nirbhay Pherwani
Nirbhay Pherwani

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Nirbhay leads technology at our product, Chattodo

Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma

linkedin link

Shantanu leads technology at our product, Todoed

Nishchal is further managed here by his EA(executive assistance) team from Gencosys Foundation . Gencosys Foundation's, co-founder, Sandeep Gupta, represents Nishchal as a nominee director in all of Nishchal's companies so Nishchal can focus on innovation and leadership, instead of paper works and compliance.

The purpose of the Feedback Response Policy is important for shaping our product. Instead of reaching out to new users it is important for us to first know our existing users through feedback and serve them really well. We need to know how they're using our product and how we can make the product better suit their needs.
Every new feature should have a strong feedback system.

Tech team members must know what platform is the feedback coming from, to who, and from who, in the team (for ex. Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Gmail, Freshdesk etc.). Also, keep a close track on- what percentage of feedbacks are coming from which platform. Keeping a track of the platforms will somewhere help while formulating marketing strategies because we'll know what platforms our users mostly use. We would know the unique user the feedback is coming from but for analysis purpose we will have to club the feedbacks together that are similar in nature to see the ones that are common. While some feedbacks may look similar but in reality they might be very different from each other. So clubbing of feedbacks need to be done intelligently. The bottom line is we have to know what the users are trying to tell us, and try to ensure that it's taken care of. This will lead to a healthy business and formation of a company with a strong foundation that has the customer's best interest in its heart.

Nishchal’s further teams are spread over the teams of his respective startups. Those teams can’t be found here on this page for this page is strictly dedicated to the team of CHATTODO, but you can likely find them on the team pages of his other startups.

Web designer, CEO, and Lawyer/CA/CS

Connect with Nishchal on this Linkedin note for the above three job openings and/or DM him there.

  1. First and most important protocol no excuse would be accepted for any low quality work. Maintain standards.
  2. Communication at Light Speed. Team members must acknowledge and respond due diligently. Absolutely no failure in work will be tolerated due communication lag.
  3. All hackers working on pages should setup repositories in their own github account. ie. they should host the pages while in development stage on their github account for exchanging opinions in the workgroup as screen shots don’t work.
  4. All exchange of opinions on any design while the page is being worked upon should take place on the work group.
  5. If any page has been finalized, same should be mentioned and the live page to be shared in the workgroup. ie. the page that is hosted on the person’s github account (the person who was assigned the task) to be shared here before calling it done. After the page has been approved only then it can be hosted on the preseed account.
  6. When tasks are complete either on producteev of facebook workgroup update as done.
  7. Any Documents made for better direction of tasks should be shared with Yatharth or the Coordinator; Also wait for their inputs. This is a failsafe in case of early corrections.
  8. Check out the documents for coding guidelines.
  9. all new pages must be implemented/coded in the latest available framework versions. ie. for every new design, implementation should start by downloading the fresh version from or the framework being used for laying out the design.
  10. Makes pull requests with relevant descriptions.
  11. Structure

Please have a proper structure to the codes. Folder structure:

Directory structure to be-
  1. assets/css/ — for css
  2. assets/img/- for images
  3. assets/js/ — for javascript
  4. bootstrap/css- for css files which come along with bootstrap
  5. bootstrap/js/ — for js files of bootstrap
  6. index.html- home page
  7. assets/fonts- for fonts
  8. Index.html should be the default page.


Now we need money to get to the launch ready version. The app has not been publically launched and hence, has traction in only double figures. Therefore, there has been no need for us yet to have dabbled in cost or revenue projections.

I bring to YOU our need for a minimum of $200,000 to build a 'launch worthy' productivity tool as a chat first application for android as our first step towards this vision expressed as step 0 to step 2. At modest estimates, I envision 1 million users in one year with just that much money.

Know More

Chattodo needs money.

Be my guide in building the next generation Facebook in the next 5 years.

Do read the description of this video in YouTube.

We have developed the prototype, not the launch version of the app. Why? Like we said above - just imagine, will you use a chatting app in 2017 which looks and feels worse than Whatsapp, Slack, Snapchat or Fb messenger? We won't. So for us to make the presence of our app felt, we must spend at least 100 thousand dollars to actually build a finger licking beautiful product to launch it with the optimism that it will eat up some of the market share of communication away from Whatsapp, FB messenger and Slack. This implies that every waking hour of ours must go into the broad understanding of the market, vision and team camaraderie first; then the development of the app, then the launch of the app, and then following of metrics and somewhere along the way, dabbling in projections will happen. No traction yet for the main mobile app. Why? Why am I still pursuing investment when there is not even a launch? Because this product is about a chatapp. Chatting apps cannot be made and launched as half baked MVPs for the world We need investment to support the team so that our great team can continue to build a great product with some confidence in the captain, that is I, that I will take care of their bread and butter. Not everyone required in this team will have the same appetite for risk as I. Traction we have achieved so far: None. So far we were not chasing traction. We were fighting personal odds and chasing a vision & design that required years of sacrifices away from the norms of chasing traction common to apps with lesser time to chase vision, because they are too busy chasing the incremental changes in the status quo.

Peter Thiel became a billionaire by investing half a million dollars in Facebook before anyone else. Today he runs a fund which has invested in some of the world’s best startups.

Chattodo has a similar potential. You can be an investor in it by investing a half of what Peter Thiel did. This is a matter of a new kind of a social network.


Who is it for?
Definitely not for the faint-hearted. Apply here,
if you have it in you to one day co build a profound product, because that is what is
in it for you. Any short of extraordinaire, and you may not fit the bill.

"Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn". This is how we
live. This is how we work. You could either continue to be where you are,doing what you do,
however stupid and uninspiring it may be, or you could come and help us in
shaking the perception of 'How things are done'.

Message from our founder to anyone looking to join the Preseed team


9/25/2013 0:06:51 Shubham Arora

Absolutely Great shit! More than anything, I got to benefit from what Nishchal had to tell about the Counter-Culture." "I would love to see Preseed getting involved in workshops of scale far larger than this.Also, Akshay was talking to me about a Preseed workshop at BITS Pilani. Lets take it forward!"

REACTOR CORE (Further Hiring)

It will be a bonus if you are a good photographer.

Preseed Marketing Head

For the past 2 years we have been putting Preseed together - Now, is the time to look for the final piece of the Reactor Core puzzle - The Marketing Head. If you fancy yourself to be good enough to lead the marketing efforts of a start up for a world good like no other, we would be interested in hearing from you. Maximize the reach, of our products among customers and also, for finding talent to work with - if you are good at marketing and hr then you are exactly what we are looking for. It would be a bonus if you know how to code too.

Apply »

On internet things can flow. On internet things can grow.

Dear distribution artists,
I understand what goes into putting marketing strategies for viral distribution of the web products. It is more of an art than app designing is.
Lets first discuss that part of the marketing that is about acquiring users only:

We need 1 extra ordinary marketer who could -:
1. 100% organic marketing. We mean it. There will be no money for promotions (even if money is not a problem for us) for marketing at this stage of startups at Preseed Projects. So you got to know the hacks of the web marketing and distribution world.
2. Have faith that this job is the key to helping some really inspired founders and developers in changing the world.
You need to be well networked in the global tech media community and should be active on Hacker News, redditt, Twitter, Product Hunt, relevant media and other popular platforms that can be mighty useful to create an initial buzz. You need to be our exact definition of a new age web hustler. This guy should communicate like a bullet.
If you are this guy, write to me at with the subject 'Preseed Project marketer'. If I like you, I would offer you a fair stake in Preseed itself for you are important to my scheme of things.

    So our products have our new partner, Puja.
A print-online journalist and photographer with 15 plus years of reporting experience from across North India and London.
Communication, documentation and qualitative monitoring consultant to international donor agencies, independent national/state Commissions and the Government in India and Nepal.
CAREER SUMMARY written by her :

Since April 2014: As an independent journalist, writing on politics and social justice, my work regularly appears in niche outlets such as the People’s Archives of Rural India,, Grassroots, IANS, Women’s Feature Services, Scroll, Vidura and the Population Reference Bureau


Sample projects undertaken as Consultant:

November 2016-October 2017: Baseline and Endline Surveys of Voters Knowledge, Attitude, Practice and Behaviour for the Election Commission of India

July 2017: Recommendations and Observations for Uttar Pradesh’s Department of Women and Child drawn from cross state trainings of DPOs by PLAN, India

May 2017: Assessment and documentation of Most Significant Stories of Change from the Oxfam, Hong Kong supported project ‘Ensuring Violence Free Lives for Women in India’ in Bihar, Jharkhand and Odisha

March 2017: Documentation of stories of change from Uttar Pradesh for a WASH project supported by WaterAid, India

January-March 2017: Compilation of Uttar Pradesh’s SVEEP Plan for the Election Commission of India and management of the Chief Electoral Officer’s social media accounts.

December 2016- February 2017: Process documentation of the UP-TSU supported pilot project on ‘Generating Demand for Modern Contraceptives through Women’s Groups’ in UP.

September 2016: Situational Assessment of Nutrition services in the ICDS and Health programs in UP supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

March 2015- present: Education Consultant to Uttar Pradesh’s first State Commission for Protection of Child Rights

March 2015: Evaluation of interventions in adolescent education supported by the Sir Dorabji TataTrust in UP

July 2014: Mid-term review of the European Union supported project on “Strengthening the capacity of tribal organisations to influence policy and ensure implementation of rights-based

legislation”, Uttarakhand

May 2013: Successful development of a proposal on ensuring the right to quality education and other services for marginalised Dalit communities in rural UP through innovative provision of informal education, vocational training and by influencing local and national decision making submitted to the European Union by Find Your Feet, UK


Associate Editor with The Sunday Indian

Senior Correspondent with Deccan Herald

Chevening Attaché with The Independent on Sunday, London

Senior Features Writer with The Pioneer


Fellow (2016-18), Population Reference Bureau (Washington DC) Women’s Edition- Asia

Programme Online certificate course on Global Education: The Human Rights Dimension from The Network University and The North South Centre, Amsterdam

Media scholarship by the International AIDS Society to attend the 19th International AIDS Conference, Washington DC

Lead Speaker on ‘Media and Minorities’ at the National Conference on Media and Human Rights, Bangalore, 2012

Summer course at the European Institute of Journalism, Prague, July 2010 as a Fellow of The Fund for American Studies.

International Seminar on Global Security, 2009: Organized by the Reuters Institute for the study of Journalism (Oxford, UK)

Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism, 2009: Scholarship by the Nieman Foundation, Harvard Boston, USA

Fellow, Reuters Foundation: Writing on HIV-AIDS, Bangkok, Thailand, 2009

The Poynter School for Journalists, 2007: Sponsorship for workshop on Roy Peter Clark’s 50 Ways

to Write, held at St Petersburg, Florida, USA

Chevening Fellowship for Young Indian Print Journalists, 2007 sponsored by the British Foreign

and Commonwealth Office, for study at the University of Westminster, London.


Doctor of Philosophy (Education), Ranchi University: A Study of Depression of Adolescents of Secondary Schools in Relation to Self-Efficacy, Adjustment and Academic Achievements, 2016

Bachelors in Education from National Institute of Education (Durg).

Master’s in Public Administration (M.P.A) from Lucknow University with specialization in Management of Rural Development in India and Personnel Management & Industrial Relations

Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Anthropology and Economics from Lucknow University.


SCARF-PII Media for Mental Health Award, 2015-16. First Prize in the online category

Laadli Media Award for Gender Sensitivity, 2012 by Population First, supported by UNFPA

Awarded for journalistic excellence by the state’s Association of Accredited Journalists, 2010

University topper and gold medal winner for MPA

Government of India scholarship holder for postgraduate studies

University Student Council’s Merit award for undergraduate studies

Sir George Thomas Medal for Example and Service (La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow)

Gandhi Memorial Trophy for social work (La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow)

College Captain (La Martiniere Girls’ College)

Head of college social service organization and leader of school literacy campaign. is the link to Puja’s blogs.

Preseed Design / UI/UX Head

We value simplicity - in our world we pride ourselves on our design aesthetics. This opening is not for anyone who feel their vibes flow strong with ours, unless you are someone with a subtle design sensibility and leadership fire to inspire a team of designers. Over the past few years we have learned that designers in themselves are a very different type of leader - one we would need to balance out the Reactor Core. There are countless projects related to design going on in Preseed and your role would require you to have hawkeyes over them along with the team of extraordinary talent built around you. If your values resonate with ours - connect with someone in the team, but before that - apply.

Partner the geeks and hustlers and create marketable products by design. This is where extraordinary front end men and women look after those aspects of the product that the users will interact with. This is the team that finally makes Preseed products marketable by design.

This stage for Preseed typically starts when the initial idea is prototyped into a MVP and now it is time for it to start interacting with the users.

Now let me elaborate a very important remark I just made, ‘ The team that makes products marketable by design’, through the eyes of Preseed -:

Step 1 — We get the geeks to hear our ideas, get inspired, code and deliver the MVP of the idea discussed. Until this point they handle the front end as hackers not as designers. This works to speedily get prototypes ready for our testing, may be sometimes even private beta launch because ‘we like to launch fast, even if the design is rather embarrassing’.

Step 2 — The MVP is now ready for the play. Remember it is still not the best UI even though we can imagine it, for we don’t think we want to spend our resources to create the best UI for it yet, for it first needs to be launched to the real users. So once the MVP is tested privately, we open the exact same thing for the users, and then continue iterating till we see some customer traction

Step 3 — This is when you come in. At this stage we have some real customer metrics. This is really when an idea starts looking like it is ready and worthy of more resources. The MVP now has a hand full of users using it, while it had designs that were not the kinds we would like to see in products we use as users. So clearly it is a good sign that the product is making sense even though it is not well designed.

Step 4 — Marketing through design. Do you know what we mean? This is when the products are brought to the team at Ugly MVP. This is when Preseed Web Lab finds its front end artists.

Step 5 — Once we have created a UI that work, we start distributing the product, through media, popular bloggers, relevant forums, early adopters, distribution apps etc.

Step 6 — We keep trying till we either fail or we succeed.

Step 7 — We move on to our next product.

Design is more important than engineering in the consumer web space. One of the problems we see in this space in India is not of that of engineering. In fact India produces strong engineers. It’s a problem of design, for India seriously lacks consumer web ‘design’ sensibilities. The reason stands — lack of geeks here marrying some seriously cool people. We hope that someday we are able to teach that to India through our products.

For now we are looking for just 1 user interaction designer who is willing to commit themselves to Preseed and its products/startups/clients. We won’t pay these designers any salary or immediate compensation. We will instead offer the designers upto 2% ownership in Preseed soon enough perhaps immediately after 3 months of our active working relationship. If you are willing, read this note.

Note -: Preseed is going to command substantial ownerships in a lot of future startups. Even 1% ownership at Preseed may be of a huge monetary value someday.

If you think you could make our already useful MVPs into stunning functional pieces of art. Join us. Write to me right here or at

You are requested to share design files via Coordinators must ensure files are stored properly. (Brand name) Design folder there should be a folder with the name (New Designs by XYZ) Team must engage in commenting on invision app of the shared files Followed by a mandatory doc report - Nishchal's feedback. Others feedback will also be a doc report in that folder where designs are kept

Apply »

If you are a UI/UX guy with loads of beautiful works done in the past and are already engaged elsewhere full time. We welcome you here, regardless. You may continue to do whatever you are doing, if you could handle 1 mobile startup UI over a period of 3 months for us from the day you join in, all in your spare time. If all this sounds agreeable, come on board as a 1% partner.


Preseed Advisors

About 3-6 hours per month of your time. At the end of every month I would send a detailed report of the current status and a set of properly structured questions to you to seek your advise on the key concerns of the Preseed’s next month. We will not bother you beyond this. So in essence please allow Nishchal to take about 36 hours of your time per year.

Apply »

Dear Preseed Advisors,

Help me in changing the world through Preseed.

What do I need from you?

About 3-6 hours per month of your time. At the end of every month I would send a detailed report of the current status and a set of properly structured questions to you to seek your advise on the key concerns of the Preseed's next month. I will not bother you beyond this. So in essence please allow me to take about 36 hours of your time per year. If you are willing to lend your ears to me. I would be empowered to empower many in return. Your words to me will have a far felt impact. I am willing to share upto 0.5% of Preseed after 1 year of such working relatioship with each advisor I am seeking on this journey ahead.

To apply for above get in touch with

Coordinator Team

Here we hustle with people who keep the teams actions coordinated saving them from being too scattered. The role of the coordinator is one of the most important roles in the team - only to find harmony in the chaos of all the labs in the process of being built.

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Web Page Team

This team is of the fastest frontend coders in team, they are packed with web design sensibilities beyond their years. Do you have what it takes to be a frontend Ninja on our team?

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Evangelist Team

Here we hustle with people who keep the teams actions coordinated saving them from being too scattered. The role of the coordinator is one of the most important roles in the team - only to find harmony in the chaos of all the labs in the process of being built.

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PAC Marketer Team

We consider connecting dots one of the most important role in Preseed, especially when to do something extraordinary there needs to be many dots connected strong. Preseed Application Central Marketing team would be the hippies who maximize the reach of one of the most important websites in Preseed - mainly to attract and funnel talent - if you are good at marketing and hr then lets take it forward!.

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Our Culture

Those who engage with us. We don't put them on contract papers first before we actually move forward with them because we trust them far more than some crap written on binding papers.

I mean you are going to be one of the stake holder either in the form of a partner, student, intern, volunteer, a potential startup co founder, a hacker, a designer, an investor, merely a fellow being
interested in newness, or a mere critique. So you might want to know us, through what we write here, share or post on our facebook page or various blogs. By now you should find yourself
slightly in tune with what we do and how we do.

We respect people who genuienly seek and care about something. A seeker who questions is always better than a blind follower.

"It really matters if you have a good heart" 💕 — @elonmusk

— Pranay Pathole (@PPathole) January 1, 2021

Have someone in mind you want to refer to join the team? Communicate with us and ensure he takes it forward

How are teams built? - Other team members' contribution to finding new talents for their team is paramount. Each one should take upon themselves in growing their teams.
So I am clearly saying if you talent around you with counter culture beliefs that resonate with Preseed values, create introductions of such people with us,
along with your views on what agenda could we build upon with the fellow being you have found for us.
Delegation of work - MOST IMPORTANT Everyone must learn over a period of time of course, 'the art of building their own team'.
The biggest attribute we see in our people is 'how well can they inspire others to work with them' if you need money to build your team then you need to see how Nishchal is building his team.

To meet our team of volunteers who have come handy in times of increased work load, meet us on Angellist.

When you follow the croud you lose yourself, but when you follow your soul you will loose the crowd. Eventually your soul tribe will appear, do not fear the process of solitude.

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